Dear Sarah,
My name is Felicity and I was one of the girls that stayed after the party program to talk
to you and was the second one to hug you. I don't know where to begin. I said during our
chat that your story truly changed my life. I meant it. I can not imagine what it must have
been like for you and your family during that time. No one on earth should ever have to
endure anything that could possibly relate to that incident. Hearing you speak in person
was a blessing. I had never heard a life story like yours before and I thank you for
sharing. You have courage beyond belief and are one of the strongest woman I have ever
had the privilege of speaking to in my life. You told us that when you had suicidal
thoughts, you asked God, why didn't you take me. The reason he didn't take you was
because you have so much love in your heart that needed to be shared with us. Anyone in
your presence would feel love and joy because they would get to meet you. That is how I
felt. When you were telling your story, I felt sadness that I had felt probably only once or
twice in my lifetime. When I was 10, I lost my best friend in a car crash. She was on her
way to Florida with her mother and mother's boyfriend who was driving. He suddenly
had a stroke and they went speeding down a steep hill till they hit a tree. Thankfully
Dawn, Becky's mother and her boyfriend survived, but Becky was killed instantly from
her seat belt. It hit her chest so hard that it killed her. Sarah, I thank the lord that you
lived because without you I would not feel the way I do now, you create awareness
telling us to value our life. It does not matter about the new apple phone that came out, or
the latest fashion trend. Life is not based on material possessions and we need people like
you to keep reminding us that. If you are not careful, your life could change in a blink of
an eye. When I hugged you for the first time. I did not say half the things I wanted to. I
was so shocked that I was in your presence I completely forgot everything. You
completely took control of my emotions. I could not help crying because I am so sorry
that happened to you. That is the effect you had in me and I am pretty sure the effect you
had on everyone in that room. You said that you wanted to be a police officer. You
probably wanted to be one because you love helping others and want to bring justice to
the world. If so, you have fulfilled that Sarah. You are bringing happiness and safety into
the world. You did fulfill your dream. But you also fulfilled my dream too. Believe it or
not I have always wanted to meet someone like you. To meet someone so kind just makes
my heart melt. I thought I was a nice person till I met you. You are beautiful and are so
lovely. The reason why I am so blessed that you were with us was because if that
accident did not happen, you would not have been with us today. You have changed
multiple peoples life and I could never ask for anything more. I say prayers with my
family every night. We say the rosary and I offered it up for you and your family. You
have helped me on an even more personally level also. I do not want to admit this but I
am a teenager so I am still figuring out myself. I was having small doubts about Heaven
and what happens when we die. But nothing serious. I go to mass every Sunday and
believe in God with all my heart. Its just that sometimes its hard to believe he is there.
But hearing you describe your near death experience and how God brought you back to
life. I feel stupid and am angry at myself for having any doubts about God in my life. I
will always remember your voice saying that whenever something bad happens. I thought
about you all the way home today and as soon as I got home I told my mom your story.
She could not believe it and she said her heart goes out to you and your mother and
father. To hear the words that your daughter may die today is something no mother
should ever hear. Especially because your sister and brother were in the hospital too. I
have 6 siblings, and I told all of them your story. They were all in a state of disbelief and
they felt terrible that it happened. I feel like crying right now because I am so upset that
this happened to you. But Sarah, no matter what please remember that you are so loved. I
love you so much for what you have done for me. I just wanted to let you know that. Also
your name is my favourite name in the world. It is my middle name and I would always
name my stuffed animals Sarah. You are so beautiful and have left your mark on
everyone that heard your story today. No one will forget you I can promise you that.
Especially me. I will keep praying for you and your family. May God be with you and
your family for the rest of your life keeping you safe and helping to keep others safe as
well. Happy thanksgiving.
God bless,
Love Felicity <3